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photo by Benjamin Harte

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COVID-19 action

Due to the current situation affecting us all, I've moved everything online & onto social media until further notice.

But we shouldn't feel disconected! I'm working very hard for you, to deliver musical and human content to help us all through this difficult time.

YouTube collaborations with other artists in lockdown near and far


YouTube tutorials for learning the best guitar riffs on the violin.

They're fun, and a springboard for your own ideas.


Keep an eye out for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for live shows including guest artists, chats and interactive input from fans:)

It's best if you subscribe/follow so you'll always hear about the next thing!


Stay in touch! We're all in this together, so please reach out and connect if you feel you can.



* WeAreNotAlone


* RockRiffs



* Live shows





* and most of all...

Please feel free to look out for: