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'Pay what you can' violin lessons       20 - 27 March 

Hi there.


I've just had a European tour cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. I have free time! We all know that not all, but many people, will be affected financially.


I want to help.


From 20 to 27 March, the days of cancelled tour, I am offering the usual online (Whatsapp) tuition, asking people to just 'Pay What You Can'.


Maybe this is a good time to prepare auditions, or new music, or sort out that technical problem, while we musicians across the globe wait for normality to resume and concert halls to reopen.


I can help you with:

Violin: everything, including musicianship, sound and technique

Any instrument: musicianship, auditions, presentation


Composition, arranging, Sibelius.


I can also help with video (Adobe Premiere Pro) and audio (Audacity) editing, sound production & event production.



Just send me an email and we'll arrange the details.


I look forward to keeping you moving forward despite the challenges we all face.